Cause the collapse of evil, Bharat: Turn the tables, Hindustan

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Rasik S Sanghvi

Jared Diamond’s very interesting book, Collapse, fits well, surprisingly, with the current situation in India. He has written a book, which describes how civilizations collapse. In short it says if the decision makers are insulated from consequences of their action, that nation is doomed to fail. In other words if the policy makers are not representative of the vast majority of people, if they are elite, foreigners (in case of invasion & occupation) and insulated from the consequences of their action that civilization they are representing (in case of so called self rule) or falsely advocating is bound to fail.

From the time of so called independence through the present mostly one main party rule, except for short period of time like Shastri and Narsimha Rao and of course except for truly representative and most effective Vajpayee’s administration, all administrators were not only illiterate of native culture but they were and are hostile to their own civilization and majority of people. Could there be any greater betrayal and tragedy then this?

When colonialists and foreign powers in their thousands of years assault could not destroy the only original civilization left in this world, they let loose infected clones among the population who seem and look alike like brown but are like poisoned pawns, working for their foreign masters, consciously or unconsciously, either for money or being weak or due to ages of servitude. These are Pseudo secularists spread in the corridors of power, in media, in historical and cultural institutions, in arts and science, in films and movies, who in the greatest betrayal anywhere in the world have imported and established Jehadis (foreign nationals with agendas without impunity) from west and east, and foreign media with their own anti national agendas. If you look at the inner circle of ruling elite at the center of power, no true voice representing 85% majority population is found strong enough to effect the policy. It is due to hostility or distrust. In either situation, according to Jared Diamond’s analysis in his book, it is the clear sign of the collapse of civilization. It will be a tragic end of Vedic Civilization in our case or heritage civilization in the world case, which has withstood thousands’ years of assault and barbaric invasion and occupation.

But all is not lost. We have an opportunity. The opportunity arises from the merit of our values, content of that civilization and wisdom. Also, there is a proverb: All the people can not be fooled, all the time. At last, the truth of that saying is becoming apparent even in India. Those naïve one party one family worshipers are awakening. They are awakening big time. Despite victory of sophistry, manipulation, propaganda in Delhi and Rajasthan elections and gimmicks of Malegaon breakthroughs, govt. inspired Pub Bharo and pink chadi campaigns to malign Hindus even remaining simple minded Hindus have begun to figure out that this is not an accident but willful acts of betrayers. Only, if the representative party is helped by seasoned true Hindu politicians, patriotic minority community members of our society, bureaucrats, armed forces (by advising on anti terrorism) and most of all our true saints like Vishwamitra helping Ram to overcome evil forces, this Gin could be put in bottle for ever to serve the world as Bharat had served all humanity when he was himself. This is the way to heed Jared Diamond’s warning and avoid and defeat collapse being brought upon us by fools who are trying to cut the very branch on which they are perched.