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While many of the banks are in trouble throughout the world, Vote Bank politics in India is alive and kicking and is a dangerous development for emerging democracies in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.. 

The recent example of an anti majority cabinet minister in India raising possibility of conspiracy in the open murder of ATS officers in Mumbai terrorist strikes, was foolish and was raised because they were investigating, so called, Hindu terrorism and had lost credibility in doing so, which prompted a sense less charge of, not so hidden, Hindu conspiracy and complicity from that minister. The minister had raised the scenario of Hindu terrorism, by all accounts, to please his vote bank constituency. The minister might have considered himself intelligent and Indians as fools, but he has made himself and his party a laughing stock of the world and Indian experiment of shameless vote bank politics has set a bad example for the world's longing for the democracy. The people all over the world will think many times before choosing a political system existent in India, which is worst than the most despised of any system of governance. 

As the terrorism in Mumbai was in full swing, ATS officers, who were busy investigating a copy cat, amateur, non proven single violent incident as a great breakthrough and their real masters in Delhi, were rushing in two different directions: the ATS officers were bravely rushing to confront the real terrorists in ill equipped, useless, bullet proof jackets and incompetent ruling party politicians were running for cover, fearing a good thrashing from newly emerging nationalist, awakened, educated and affluent youths of India in place of earlier generation of Indians, whom they had fooled for most of the sixty years after independence. 

Even while running for cover, the vote bank politicians devised a spin, by which the corrupt media would coarsely blame ALL politicians, diverting the youth’s rage equally, to the only hope for democracy- a newly emerging, just and all representing political party. The shameless media was typically acting as running with the hare (youth) and hunting with the hounds (incompetent political party) .  

If this party loves imaginary conspiracy so much why not consider real conspiracy possibility, which as being rumored credibly, is that some politician of ruling party directed ATS chiefs to a trap where the terrorists were lying in wait near Cama Hospital, away from commotion for clean culling and killing ATS officers and transferring whole terrorism issue afresh to so called Hindu terrorism with a monstrous weight. Mr. karkare and his men had enough of Malegaon nonsense and before they could expose the politicians responsible for the fake Hindu terrorism agenda, another rumor goes, they were directed to their death. The allegation of conspiracy by the minister was not just to provide cover to Pakistani terrorists but to preempt any suspicion by prematurely raising conspiracy theory and particularly in context of Pakistan thus ridiculing any genuine enquiry in the first place, as the rumor goes. People can figure out who such fool hardy and idiotic person in ruling party may be. Although he may be exposed it is just a tip of iceberg in this country. The danger is, if this real conspiracy is not properly isolated from Pakistani terrorism and Pakistani role in execution of main plot and investigated by truly nationalist organizations, the probe can be futile and Pakistan may escape punishment. 

Along with punishment to Pakistani establishment, Indian establishment, which has planted this subplot should be punished severally and ruling establishment must be dismissed disgracefully, if the real subplot is found as facts or resign as incompetent and corrupt player of politics as unfit for a democratic government and as a betrayer of people's trust in the name of democracy. 

The people, who are not familiar with Vote Bank politics in India, should know that some communities in India were encouraged to be isolated, kept backward, encouraged to study all shorts of theology in Madrasa etc., to promote fear of assimilation in majority community, to be subject to inferiority and superiority complexes, so that they, as uneducated, not vote on merit but due to fear psychosis vote in concert as block to whomever they are directed by corrupt politicians, who can provide all kinds of corrupt cover in exchange of directed block vote.

The famous Shahbanu case, article 370 in Indian constitution amendment, JNU, history books tailored to vote bank politics and not as per political needs, soft on terror, hard on Hindus, intervention and management of Hindu temples and not other religious institutions, introduction of foreign owned media with their own anti national agenda, release of terrorists for the release of a kidnapped Muslim Minister’s daughter etc. are glaring example of this raping of democracy and development of this sick art of vote bank politics. The vote bank politics in India is an equal opportunity enterprise, so that whoever were kept backward and isolated due to fear of unity during coloniasm period, were eligible to join this club, therefore, so called, backward classes and castes, DMKs etc. all Hindus were not immune to Vote bank political manipulation and exploitation by most corrupt and heinous anti national other parties, besides the one which is the main culprit .

Meanwhile, it is alleged credibly that another Central minister’s wife has accumulated 7 billion 765 millions of rupees in one year in directorship and partnership with a couple of private companies. The minister and his party asks what is wrong in it? No governmental inquiry, no investigation and no report in media except the one credible newspaper which investigated on its own! .

BRING BUSH TO INDIA AS OUR NEXT PM, Hand the country back to British….as long as we are not cheated or killed.., our spineless ….. …. and civil servants running our intelligence service should be flogged in public…Somebody give him a sleeping pill Our namard *********** looses sleep if a terrorist is caught on suspicion of being a terrorist. As a result our police have not been investigating certain terrorists so far and were forced to implicate Hindus in order to show some progress. I think the best solution is to give sleeping pill to ********** and ****terrorists... and if required little overdose for few hours longer sleep to the **********. Further for the benefit of future joint coordinated efforts at controlling the terrorism some one pleads for and compares Indian administration vs American questioning: Do Indian politicians have the guts to put INDIA first like AMERICA??? just compare our typical response with how our American counterparts? How the Americans reacted when they got assaulted in September 11. How did they respond ??? (K.. Iraq was a stupid step from their part as they had some geopolitical plans which got screwed up), I would like u all to take an account of how they managed their home security after they got assaulted, ….These blasts are going to happen again and again and again . This loop is just gonna recur until the above condition is negated... Skimming the national media for the reaction of Indian people the above is the impression one gets of people’s anguish and helplessness. The etiquette requires not to use Indian political incorrect words but this is the sample of people’s frustration and desperation. If you want the full flavor of anguish and actual wordings, you should visit the message boards of Rediff or CNN/IBN. And remember these are the people who are most urbane, sophisticated and most tolerant human beings who are affluent and can afford access to internet. You have to imagine the desperation, anguish and frustration of not so refined feelings of most of the people in villages and small town Indians who are quick to anger, like any other world community in similar situations. I would just suggest that President Bush deserves well earned rest. There are leaders in India, outside a coterie of rulers who have been foisted on Indians since most part of the independence, who can handle the situation with the support of international communities in a first unified international fight against terrorism. IN FACT, this tragedy is most divine opportunity for required mutation and evolution of mankind. Although deep inside human psyche he knows truth always win, the practical belief is that power comes from the barrel of gun. Right to this point we see Buddhists of Tibet are about to give up hope on this score. But overwhelming election of Barack Obama after sapling of decency springing in 1960s and spreading of decency like wild fire now despite suppression, derision and rejection during intervening period is proof that divine principles of decency, non violence, truth win decisively, irreversibly, absolutely but slowly and steadily. The inborn decency, tolerance, acceptance, justice, boldness and non violence of Hindus were confronted by senseless brute force and all out destruction of humanity represented by the political reality of last 1000 years when truth seemed perennially persecuted. Hindus had to find a solution and defeat evil by truth. And opportunity now manifests in an awareness in the form of frustration, desperation, communication, expression and first time evolving of a truly representative party in a truncated democracy to be evolved into Raam Rajya (see Raam And Aam Rajya India’s Next Contribution To world Civilization.) If still there is no change in India when the opportunity comes, India has not even transcended a defective political system in its fight for truth against evil.

500 pound Gorilla grows into 5000 pound MONSTER. I am amazed at the shameless face of Indian media and their paymasters. This monster claims that they have found tracks to terrorism. Since 2004 when the Central administration reversed to no change activities in India, there have been scores of terrorist attacks and thousands of innocent lives lost, mostly Hindus. No change administration true to their legacy had no clue who were the master minds and from where their resources and logistics came. All of a sudden there is a light bulb on in their brains. There was a blast and six non Hindus were killed in a terrorist attack. The bulb told them, it was fault of Hindus after all. Now they had clue and knew how it worked. The Hindus which are 85% majority have infiltrated military, security services, local police and media (proof? more than 50% of all govt. jobs in India are held by Hindus!) which all were sheltering the culprits who were killing mostly Hindus themselves when the no change no good administration was shadow chasing innocent non-Hindu terrorism. Since then, the Indian media have gone gaga over this great discovery since Einstein’s great discoveries of relativity. The no change no good administration and partners in administration have promised millions of rupees of awards for hurting the alleged non- Hindu terrorists’ relatives, promised hundreds of thousands to the defense fund for release of non Hindu terrorists. Now, they can peacefully face the vote bank politics, now they can fight an election. And I did not believe, Nero was celebrating when Rome was burning.

OBAMA, ALL HINDUS IN INDIA ARE OBAMAS The Congress Party of India, which is a dynastic party, it seems, sponsored a CNN/IBN debate about need of India’s own Obama thinking people will vote Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi as India’s Obama in next election. All the panelists had some one from this party to fit or compare with Obama. The names which came up were Nehru, Rajiv and Rahul Gandhi. They recognized though, Congress Party is dynastic and that, India has today about 200 dynastic ruling families and no fresh blood is attracted in their politics.  One major opposition party, which is truly representative and not a dynastic party was not mentioned. Of course, Modi who does not represent any dynasty was used for bashing and used and lumped wrongly, as usual, with other no good dynastic politicians. It is Ironic that sectarian vote bank politics is not ashamed to drag even Obama for their own selfish purpose and ignoring true living Obamas in India, which are Hindus, which are represented in India’s only by a truly representative party. Now compare Obama to Hindus in India. Obama overcame hatred, is liberal and tolerant. All Hindus mostly have overcome hatred, are liberal and tolerant. If this had not been so, minority population and statistics in India would have matched their non-Hindu neighbors and brothers’ countries surrounding them. Obama is highly intelligent, educated and urbane. Most Hindus like all Indians and American citizens are intelligent, educated and urbane (Remember word Pundit (not in derogatory way) is Sanskrit word meaning expert). Obama, symbolized as an African-American came from a persecuted community. All Hindus are persecuted for centuries and even now persecuted in their own country (see Hindus persecuted in their own country) Obama has great respect for Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was the product of Hinduism. All Hindus have great respect for Mahatma Gandhi. Obama stands for change. All Hindus and indeed all true Indians now deeply yarn for change in India, change from most of 60 years of same anti majority rule in India, which has equally harmed minorities. Any one coming for a fundamental change, coming from a truly representative party in India not dynastic party in next election will be an OBAMA from India. India is ready for Indian Obama.

 Soft on Terror Hard on Hindus All over the world when change is a mantra, in India, more of the same is maha (great) mantra for most of 60 years since independence. “It is 8 years in new century, will it bottom out any time in this century?” wonder Indian people. To be fair to Senator McCain, he is as much for change as Senator Obama, despite the contrary media propaganda and perception.  As if it is not enough to take over only Hindu religious institutions to be run by government bureaucrats, to insult and sideline most sacrificing Hindu heroes in history books, to poison young minds by nautanki role models, to promote soft pornography in the name of modernization, to demoralize security personnel, to use journalists for propaganda against vast majority of people, to spread fear of Hindus among minorities, to divide Hindus on caste lines, to play vote bank politics and to indulge in shameless mass corruption despite Hindu Indians entrepreneurship, tolerance  and achievements, the present administration has now one more feather to add. It has become soft on terrorists and hard on Hindus. After 9-11, India has seen most bomb blasts in India than anywhere in the world, except in Iraq killing thousands of people. In none of them was any Hindu involved, until now. There have been riots between the communities but no bomb blasts or terrorist attacks by Hindus. But as there are mischief mongers and criminals in every community, a feeble copy cat attempt at terrorism was conducted by some novices, killing innocent people and some Hindus are suspected, for the first time. And all of a sudden an administration whose ministers visited the non Hindu terrorists home to offer support to terrorists’ families; which has disobeyed Supreme Court’s decision to hang the attacker and killer in Indian Parliament attack has sprung into action and like 500 pound gorilla, linked a nationalist party which is the only truly representative party for all Indians including 85% of Hindu Indians. How low an useless ideology of appeasement can go? The appeasement is not same as justice to all.

GET READY FOR ‘BRAIN-COOKED BOMBS’ Hey! I liked the title given by Times of India in reference to royal battle to be waged from Tuesday, October 14, 2008 in Bonn, Germany. The battle ground is chess board, but believe me it is no less exciting than the one fought on Soccer Field and for that matter on any arena. Historically, chess was first mentioned by the emperor Harshwardhan in 6th century India, that only movement of armies is on the chess battle field touting how peaceful and prosperous his country was. The game of chess is believed to be much ancient and is believed to have originated in India. But the historic past may not give any advantage to first Indian in world championsship against Kramnik who is favorite who has all the qualities of Soviet Machine which is churning world champions like Honda is churning best cars. One more advantage Kramnik has. His name starts with K. All the recent world stars name starts with K, for example, Karpov, Korchnoi, Kasaporav, Kasimdzhanov and Kamsky etc. as another article in TOI has pointed out. I almost forgot to explain the title. The two chess championship contenders are secretly preparing or experimenting different opening lines, so much so that in recent tournaments they played less likely or less favorite openings to hit the opponent with brain-cooked bombs as a surprise in the actual games.