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The Moghul Princess Zebunnissa


The daughter of Aurangzeb sixth ruler of Moghul dynasty started by Babar mentioned in Ayodhya case.






Zebunnissa, it is said, would also sit in the marble pavilion of the Shalimar gardens, to enjoy the soothing rhythms of the waterfall there. Like Chauburji, this was a place that provided her with inspiration to compose poetry.

O waterfall! For whose sake art thou weeping?
In whose sorrowful recollection hast thou wrinkled thy brows?
What pain was it that impelled thee, like myself, the whole night,
To strike thy head against stone, and to shed tears?


The facts or Fiction were different as the following poem was found written by a witness (translated from Hindi)


Riding on speeding horse and

holding a shining sword

storming through enemy lines and

piercing the hearts of warriors


Then why you stopped O' Mongol princess

with thousand arms, at enemy prince,chained and bound?

you have killed before unarmed kings and princes

or captured jailed and tortured the brave, who fight


what is different this time nothing is changed or new?

why don't you show case your regal victory or slew?

Moghul Ruler walked slowly holding sword naked upright

what prince saw was liquid beauty, a brave soul and lightening bright


Come dear pick a pointed spear long and sharp,

pierce deep in heart middle, thus said prince with smile.

Stone heart you need stone hard spear

but what will you hurt dear princess, heart is already pierced?


Zebunnissa softly reached prince and threw her sword

kneeled on her knees and picked soil sacred

from land below the feet of warrior and

and put on her heart and forehead.

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