Meaning of Muslim President Kalam In India

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Meaning of Muslim President Kalam In India


Meaning Of Muslim President Kalam In India

Rasik S. Sanghvi


It was amusing to watch the pathetic arguments of Left parties of India against the nomination of Abdul Kalam as the Presidential candidate. The pseudo secularists are in denial stage because their greatest tool of fooling Indian Muslims is exposed by non other than a prominent Muslim President of India. Intelligent Indian Muslims and other unbiased sharp minded minority members accept the nationalists assertion that Indian Muslims and other Indian minority members are unique in the whole world because they have a back ground in World's unique civilization and religion even though like Jainism and Buddhism Islam of India and for that matter Christianity could be timely upgrades and pieces of mosaic to world's most profound original civilization which is HINDUTVA. Islam in India is accepted as indeed Christianity, Buddhism Sikhism and Jainism because as Vedas declare there are different paths to reach God. If one believes in this equality and justice He/She is the product of Hindutva if not the person is the product of anything but Hindutva. And if one believes in this where is the religious conflict in India except as a reaction to foreign instigated aggression or opportunistic politics? Unlike in some other societies, the separation of Church and state in Hindutva or Hindu India is not a tactical governmental and ineffectual legal make over against the belief of vast majority of people. Equality and freedom of pursuing one's own Dharma is enshrined in ancient scriptures (Anekantvad in Hinduism and Jainism- even an atheist could be a journey level Hindu) in India, which is Hindutva, which is recognized and confirmed in the intelligent minority members of India as evidenced by the elevation of Abdul Kalam as Presidential candidate in India.

The measurement of Hindutva civilization is that it has always contributed most original and positive benefits to the world. When, say for example, Taxila was part of an undivided India it was the birth place of ancient World's most important University contributing in astronomy, mathematics, arts science etc. and in divided India it is near the world's most lethal terrorist networks. Stable Hindutva representative India has always provided to the forgetful world without demanding patent rights or even recognition, the true justice, equality, science, arts and other aspects of civilization. Therefore intelligent minority members of India know what is the heart of elevation of Abdul Kalam is the deserving son's right and not pampering from Father India, to speak in Biblical language.


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